Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wisdom does not just belong to the Aged

I never expected incohesive word vomit to generate so many hits. I love you guys. I've been laying like a lump on the couch most of the day, alternating between almost crying, having a headache, crying, and trying to nap. And then my niece called. For being just 20, she is one of the wisest people I know. We all pick on her for being "special" but really, she's bright, intelligent, and wise way beyond her years due to the shittiest childhood no one should ever have. And she's been through her share of relationships too, having just broken up with her boyfriend. So she talked it out with me, she let me cry, and at one point I laughed hysterically when I thought she said "your mom" (she didn't, it was some noncommittal noise, but she said the effect was a good one). If she wasn't all the way in Montana, I'd cook her a huge fucking dinner for the pep talk. I'll get my chance when she comes home for her birthday.

I miss her so much

I really wish I had the money to go visit her in Montana. The amount of green and mountains and blue blue sky I see in the pictures she posts is tantalizing.

Hylyte Reservoir. Seriously. Seriously. She can take pictures like this on a daily basis. Bitch.

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