Sunday, July 15, 2012

OMG You Guise!

So I have a job interview tomorrow for an assistant manager position at the semi-local Dress Barn. I'm so nervous. I feel like I sound like an ass in interviews, stuttering all over the place. I'm so afraid that I'm going to forget key points about the brand, like the awesome charities they support (which, although not my dream job, their corporate charity work and incentive to be charitable really make me like this company) and sound like a blathering idiot in the interview. I'm trying to make sure I have everything ready. Like, my nails. My nail polish is chipped and I had done a little design and it just won't do to go to an interview with jacked-up nails. I can't do much about my horrible breakout, but I can pluck my horrible chin hair, which I've been ignoring way too long. My outfit is put together, but not the shoes. My hair was just washed yesterday, so I need to make sure my bangs don't get greasy. If I try to wash my hair tomorrow, I'm going to get the worst frizz. Aaaah! And what if I don't sleep tonight?

I'm just kind of excited. This is the first interview I've had since April. And I've been applying like crazy and not hearing anything back from 98% of the places I've applied to.

Jesus... most of my shoes have hooker-height heels....

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