Saturday, July 21, 2012

Looking Objectively at the Colorado Massacre

This is not where I weep for the victims and entreat my readers to pray. Rather, I want to know why, in 2012, we still are shocked ans stunned when an average-looking guy loses his shit and kills a bunch of people. Come on, guys. Haven't we learned yet that Charles Manson and Ted Kaczynski are the exception, not the rule? Most killers, be they serial or otherwise, are perfectly normal-looking people that you would never suspect, living ordinary lives. History has told us this.

He vaguely looks like someone I went to high school with

I feel bad for James Holmes. Now before you flame me and send me hate mail, let me explain. Something, somewhere, went terribly wrong. You don't just shoot up a theatre full of people for no reason (and while I'm at it, why was a 6 year-old at a midnight showing?). Ordinary people can and do snap. So far I haven't seen any interviews from his parents to see if he had any abnormal behaviors in childhood as far as hurting animals or other children, which are the normal early signs of sociopathy. But even so... remember when I wrote about my rage-filled mania this past May? Now, chemically, my bipolar disorder is A-OK because my lithium levels are where they're supposed to be. But I was still on the verge of snapping. I had horrible violent fantasies that I thankfully didn't act out. And dare I say even now I'm under the influence of an unhealthy obsession that would have my therapist writing orders to have me committed (I prefer not to write about it on here, it's not the time).

I can relate to this kid, in a way, only something in him not only snapped, it fucking broke. Broke to the point where he lost the tenuous tie to reality and just lost his shit in a premeditated attack against strangers. And because he was so fucking smart he boobytrapped his apartment  so effectively it took the local police department two days to disarm it.

Colorado still has the death penalty, so I can see where this is going. But really, if psychologists can get in there, try to fix what is broken, and rehabilitate him, he has a brilliant mind. It would be a shame to for the government to let that go to waste.

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