Monday, July 2, 2012

Just Fuck It All

My day has been like the weather today: dark, rolling, at times bright and cheery and then thunderous and gloomy.
Forecast calls for prescription drugs (don't worry I was at a stop light)

It doesn't help that I didn't actually get to sleep until 10am. Yep, insomnia. And as I lay here, exhausted and ready to sleep, the cat started in with her bullshit.

I've been starting at my laptop all day since I woke up around 12:30pm trying to think of what to write. At first I thought of spewing absolute vitriol about people and only thinly veiling my disgust for them. Scratch that. I thought about writing a funny piece about my cat. Couldn't bring myself to. Thought about writing an anti-4th of July manifesto beseeching the nation to ban fireworks because they're stupid and noisy and unnecessary. As much as I long to write that one, no. I couldn't even effectively stalk people because people have to have friends-only Facebook accounts. What the fuck is that shit?

I am in a shitty mood, I'm tired, I've had a low-grade headache all day, my psycho ex tendencies are rising, and all I wanted was a fucking chicken basket and the place had to be closed and I had to settle for popcorn chicken (but at least I got some stalking in). I'm in one of those moods where one little thing is going to make me snap and I'll probably end up calling the cops on my neighbors again if they set off fireworks one minute after ordinance.

So fuck today. Fuck the 4th of July and it's noise. Fuck it all. Tomorrow I'm going off the grid and heading for the woods.

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