Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Combating Depression

In the face of not having money because I haven't found a job (I've netted 1 interview in the 3--almost 4-- weeks I've been unemployed) I am starting to sink into depression. I'm having really bad depressive episodes where I just can't bring myself to do anything productive. I can't let myself be that way though. So, this morning, waking up to another "thanks but no thanks" email from a job I'd applied for, I started to feel myself sinking again. Plus, I had a killer headache. My original plan was to just let the headache go away, but instead, I:

1. Checked my gmail for job alerts
2. Applied for a job
3. Mid job application I registered for classes so I could have a set schedule to give employers
4. Took some Excedrin with a Pepsi for my headache
5. Talked to the financial aid office about being able to survive on financial aid if I don't find a job
6. Filled out my financial aid entrance counseling and promissory note
7. Looked up my text books on the USM website and compared them to Amazon
8. Saved those text books to my Amazon wishlist
9. Emailed my professor with my class selections (and got a response back with "you go girl!")
10. Updated my "about" section on Facebook to include grad school
11. Updated my LinkedIn account to include grad school

It seems like not a lot, but instead of "taking the day" and watching anime or playing WoW, I kept busy. Keeping busy is important, and I feel a little better, especially after John called and did (magical) quick math on what I would have left over from financial aid to live on. It's still scary, and I'm still broke until financial aid is dispersed later this month, but I'm freaking out a little less.