Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Neuroses of the Cat, Part 3

Eden is emotionally dependent on tunneling. I think it goes back to when she was a tiny kitten, and I had just brought her home. Calypso was very aggressive toward her, so I would carry her to bed with me, being too high up for her to jump off of at just 8 weeks old. My headboard is open, and while I slept, she would crawl in it, behind my pillow, and sleep there. The first time she did it I freaked out because I couldn't find her, until I heard her tiny kitten brrt.

So now, she will occasionally go around the house (usually my bedroom) and nose into stuff and brr brr brr brr brrt all over the place and generally drive me crazy, until I notice she's tunneled completely in the leg of my shorts on the floor. But this offers her no succor, so she will move from box to box in the living room, curl up on her paper plate in the dining room (don't ask), bat at the blankie I'm curled up in on the couch, then she'll go exploring back in the bedroom. Then I hear the brrt brrrr brr brr brrrt  and maybe a whiny meow and the rattle of a plastic shopping bag and I grumpily get up off the couch to remove her from it before that becomes an issue. And the cycle continues. Then I realize her favorite reusable cloth Walmart bag is crumpled up under the computer desk, because Calypso is kind of a jerk about the bag (she's a box cat; every time  she gets in a bag I end up having to cut her out of it), so I straighten it out and flip the handles back and sure enough, Eden comes running from wherever she has been looking for a place to tunnel and happily runs into the bag and usually falls promptly to sleep.

I don't have a problem

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