Friday, September 14, 2012

Shaman Shaman

I take Halloween pretty seriously. It's a Pagan holiday, and while I haven't been much on ceremony, as I have discussed before, the process of costuming for Halloween is a Big Deal. As it becomes a more mature holiday for me, so my costumes reflect a little more of my spirituality. This year I'm going to take advantage of a very generous gift John gave me at Christmas-- a Venetian mask he got while in Italy-- and dress as a plague doctor, because, well, it's awesome. But next year?

I always loved the shaman costume from Adventures in the Sin Trade from season 4 of Xena. But how to make it? I looked at buying loose antlers and pieces of antlers, but they were heavy and then I was faced with the problem of affixing them to a hood so that they didn't flop over. So for years, I've wanted this shaman costume, and could never make it. Then the other night, it came to me. I couldn't believe I had never thought of it before: papier mache. I could make a seat for the antlers and base for the fabric, and the antlers, instead of being real, could be made with a wire armature to support. It would be lightweight and the faux leather and fur could be hot glued on. What little stitching needed to be done, I can easily do by hand. I got very excited and wanted to start immediately, but first, I need materials. Materials will be cheap, yes, but even with their relative cheapness, I'm still pretty poor. I am so excited though! I can finally have Xena's shaman hood without having to kill and skin an elk, like she did in the episode! Oh, and if anyone loves me, season 4 is my absolute favorite and I don't own it...

So with that in mind, the other night when I was reading, an image popped in my head, as they do, when you're artistic. And it was a mask. One that will be infinitesimally more difficult and will require some sketching first to even figure out how to set up the armature. Can you guess what it will be?

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