Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Neuroses of the Cat

Eden needs an intervention.  She is obsessed with light.

Light? Where? Begowb!

And I'm not talking about laser pointers (I have one) but I mean the honest-to-goodness sun moving across the sky light moving across the wall that happens every day. On occasion this is punctuated by the reflected light on my laptop, screen of my phone, or, if I'm wearing  them, my diamonds, but otherwise, yeah, just the natural light on the walls. She goes nuts. She will start to chitter and brr and circle the room, trying to reach these lights. Then one night she targeted the ceiling light. The same ceiling light I turn on every night after the sun goes down (my living room windows face west so I don't have to turn this light on until late, which is awesome).

If she was a human, I would be concerned and wonder if maybe she needed a behavioral therapist. OCD tendencies and neuroses. The fact that she carries around a mat of her own fur and treats it like a baby is an entirely separate post.

But she's so damn cute. And yes, she was looking at lights on the wall

Whether my cat has a Serious Problem or not, it is pretty funny when I'm wearing my diamonds and watch her try to chase hundreds of little lights all at once. Have you ever refracted the lights of one of those laser pointers in a round-cut brilliant diamond? An obsessed cat's dream...

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