Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Farner's Market

I just got back from the local farmer's market. I had never been. I was always too shy to approach local vendors, but today I went. Curiosity got the best of me. I am so glad.

Purple radishes, white salad turnips, and garlic scapes

Food makes me so happy, and not just because I'm a fat kid. I absolutely love beautiful, fresh produce, so when I spotted those turnips, which due to their size I first thought were a variety of radish, I was smitten. I asked about them and was quickly informed that they were salad turnips. Salad turnips. I tried one when I got home. So delicate, tender, with a very toned-down turnip taste. Not at all like the aggressive winter turnips of my childhood. Also, SCAPES. Garlic scapes are entirely new to me and where have they been all my life? I actually started chewing on one as I visited in my cousin's salon before going home because I simply could not wait (I sampled the turnip greens too, making goat noises while I chewed). So delicious. The only thing I haven't sampled yet are the radishes, because radishes are radishes pretty much, but I need to get them processed and put away before Calypso decides they're hers (I may write more on that later).

I need to go back to the farmer's market. There was also a vendor with local, grass-fed beef who I discussed beef hearts with (neither of us knew what to do with them but were curious) and one selling bison. And so many veggies. I spied beet greens too, which almost sent me into a paroxysms of "I WANT IT" but I had to remind myself that I'm growing some and to be patient. I loved that it was all fresh, and all local. The local part was the most important to me. And as a plus, farmer's markets (in Maine, at least) accept food stamps, so I was able to get my beautiful veggies without having to break my budget and keep the money in-state rather than spending it at a big box grocery store.

I just can't get over how beautiful those veggies are! I'm thinking salad. Salad? Yes. Salad.

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