Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I often wondered if Zeus suffered migraines after the birth of Athena. She did, after all, burst from his head.
Looks like a migraine to me

Migraines (and undocumented mental health issues) are ultimately why I'm unemployed right now. They're hereditary in my family and I got my first one just around my 31st birthday. Happy birthday to me! Anyway, I have the awesomest neurologist that was ever awesome and it only took us a few tries before we found the perfect med combo and my migraines-- of which I was having roughly 8 a month-- are now down to 1 every month to month and a half.  When I do have one, I take my magical coctail: 2.5mg of naratriptan, 2 Excedrin migraine and a Pepsi. 45 minutes later I'm ready to go. Doctors would love to have a success rate like mine in their migraine patients. Come to think of it, my sister's neurologist fired her as a patient because hers were so well controlled, too. Guess we must be awesome.

I have a headache today. Not quite a migraine although the pressure is starting to bloom. I've taken Excedrin to head it off. I don't have a food trigger that I know of, but stress gets me every time. And I have a lot to be stressed about lately: money, looking for work, housing situation, relationships. It's a miracle I'm not back to daily migraines. I try to remain positive and not stress but when my depression kicks in (as I mentioned, I'm bipolar) it gets really hard. So being a complete jerk via email to the person who supports and understands me the most definitely didn't help, and definitely contributed to this headache.

Something that always makes me feel better, emotionally and physically, is cooking. And after watching one of my favorite TV chefs Ina Garten make chicken soup with matzoh balls, I'm really craving homemade soup. Since my chickens are all in the deep freeze (I won't be able to remove the sack with the innards) I'll have to run to the store for chicken. But I think cooking is just the therapy I need right now.

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