Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hiding my Emotions under a Cloche

I'm sitting here after an emotional day/week/month with a drink that is Way Too Strong and I have all of these ideas I want to write about-- some silly, some serious-- but I am so listless that I can't focus on any one thing for very long except the fact that I am trying very hard to bottle up my emotions and not cry like I have wanted to all day. It's probably not healthy. I should probably run out in the rain in my bare feet and stand in the middle of the road with my arms outspread and practice Primal Scream therapy and have my Great Catharsis but I have a feeling that only works in movies. I feel like some waiter will come by and with dramatic flair lift the cloche I'm keeping over my emotions and I will just fucking lose it.

Cooking therapy didn't help tonight, despite fresh ingredients and lovely cheeses and petite pain.

Anyway, I got some good feedback on yesterday's post, so thank you all that read, shared, discussed.

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