Wednesday, August 1, 2012

That Old Timey Feeling

I've often been accused of being a little bit too old-timey for my own good. One time, standing at the water cooler and coffee machines at work, a coworker said "it's definitely going to snow tonight!" I shook my head and shot him down with, "it's too cold to snow." He rolled his eyes and said "you sound like my grandmother." Fast forward to last year or so, the John era. He would watch me cook, or listen to certain things I'd say, and every other comment would be "you sound like Oma." (Oma, for those of you that don't know, is the German word for grandmother). He eventually took to calling me Kleine Oma or, in English "little grandmother" because I was so like his Oma it was kind of ridiculous.

I was vintage before vintage was a thing

I guess I just have this kind of old-fashioned, old world sensibility. I eschew mixers when making cakes and banana bread and stuff and mix by hand because I prefer to have that connection with my food. Take away my wooden spoons and you've damn near crippled me. I don't make things to freeze, I make things to "put up" and it's not shortening when it's melted, it's fat. I save my bacon fat in a container in the fridge.

It's not just cooking, either. You show me a tree and I can tell you if it's going to rain or not by the way the leaves are hanging. Give me a lake and I can tell you the same thing by looking at the water. And I'm sure there's a whole bunch of things that I can't think of at this immediate moment, but will pop out of my mouth when the time serves.

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