Monday, January 7, 2013

Pre-Work Freakout

I start a new job tomorrow (technically, today) and instead of taking a shower before bed, which I had intended to do, I'm up, watching Star Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix and generally freaking out about everything.

I have no money and have additional paperwork to fill out for the state (barf).
My new job doesn't pay that great, and when do I get paid?
It's fucking snowing out
I have no money so now I'm going into panic-mode over food (again, paperwork for the state for food stamps)
I'm in debt and want to get a loan but can't until I've worked/gotten paid for at least a month
Have I mentioned I have no money?

So I've been filling out paperwork to lower my phone bill/defer  my student loan/continue unemployment benefits until my first check/continue my meager food stamp stipend and have just now found the time to relax and digest the dinner I ate about an hour ago. At least in between the paperwork and panic I found time to do my nails.

I feel so ill-prepared. Gah!

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  1. Every town office has a General Assistance budget. You ask for an application, fill out your expenses for the next 30 days and your income for the last 30 days, and they send money directly to the recipients of your debt. Hopefully it'll buffer you enough until you start getting paid.