Thursday, December 13, 2012

An Adult's Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I know I haven't been full of the holiday cheer this year, and I know from one of my favorite holiday movies, Elf, that you need that to fly your sleigh, but I've been really depressed this holiday season. I'm finally understanding holiday depression, and I wish I wasn't. I am someone who is, by nature, greedy and avaricious, but when it comes to the people she loves and cares about, is generous and giving and caring. This year, I can't afford to buy my loved ones gifts. I can't even indulge in the pleasure of wrapping gifts, which is something I find soothing, because there are no gifts to wrap. I haven't even bothered to put up the tree. It's too depressing. So Santa, I don't want gifts, necessarily. What I want for Christmas is a job. I've been looking and trying so hard and can barely get an interview. I would love a job, I would love to stop feeling guilty for buying groceries because that takes away from the bill money. I'd like to be able to start paying my parents back the money they loaned me and have helped me out with. I would like to stop depending on my boyfriend for gas money. Most off, I'd like to not cry any more when bills come in-- I want the confidence to know I can pay them without concern that my bowling check will bounce (or that they will). So this small request, Santa, for all the resumes I'd sent out, please whisper in an HR administrator's ear to hire me, and maybe, just maybe, I can believe in holiday magic again.



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