Sunday, October 14, 2012

The State of my Life at this Moment

For those of you not in the loop, John and I are officially back together.

If you've been following along, it's been a difficult time for me this summer, dealing with our separating, self-doubt, depression, mental illness, unemployment, money.

But I've also had good times, reliving the summers of my childhood, devouring books, going to fairs, eating good food, going sailing.

I've been accused of being overly negative, of the "poor me" syndrome. I beg to differ. Life's been tough, but it's been a learning experience. I've been frustrated and angry a lot, but I have also used my time to really turn an inward focus on my feelings both physical and emotional, to understand that what I feel is okay. I've reexamined my spirituality again, as I do every 10 years or so. I've stopped being afraid of the word "feminist."

I'm not going to say my summer has been great, it's been tough, but it's been okay. Despite my struggles, I count myself fortunate that I've been able to experience the things I have, go to the places I have. I appreciate those of you who log in every day to read, and hope you keep reading.

Here's to hoping Fall and Winter are just as interesting.

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