Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Evolution of the Human Peacock

Look at me, I'm pretty!
When you look at humans as a species, we're pretty damn plain. Aside from our huge brains, and perma-boobs, animals and birds (even fish and bugs) are way prettier. Humans have to work so much harder to look appealing to the opposite sex, but, paired with that hugemongous brain of ours, the results are fascinating. I've always believed that the body is a canvas, but recently I saw a little macro in a tattoo community on Facebook that said "If the body is a temple, why not decorate the walls?" I so agree!

I was in my teens when I realized that my blue-green eyes and long hair could get me things if I played my cards right. Granted, I practiced this at the fair, on carnies who don't have much of a discerning taste, but at least I got extra-long rides on the tilt-a-whirl and that's what's important, right? I learned, early on, how to wear makeup, and over time, with the advent of the Internet, Youtube, and a sizable investment in MAC cosmetics, I perfected my art. If I don't see glowing eyes and bedroom smoulder looking back at me, I'm not done.

grr baby

And hair. Flip long hair around, twirl it around your fingers, keep it long and shiny and healthy. Maintain it. I always swore I'd never dye it until college when I went full-bore adventurous and put 10 blue streaks in my hair. It looked awesome. I semi-regularly touch up my root color and add low-lights, and have done pink dye and purple extensions. The great thing about hair is that it can always be colored, it can be grown out. It's a living organism and never be messed up that bad.

I have yet to master drinking coffee while taking a self portrait though
And, of course, tattoos. I've talked about tattoos twice before, and like I've mentioned, while I get them for me and no one else, they're awesome to show off when you love them. And why shouldn't this be a mate-procuring method? They get you noticed. Since I had my outline filled in, so many people have just stopped, looked, and complimented. Most of those people men. Now I have designs on one man and one man only, but the compliments and attention are always flattering. I spend a stupid amount of time online looking at other people's tattoos, and some of the most beautiful women I have seen have had extensive ink.

So we are all peacocks in our own way, whether it be the clothes we wear, or makeup, or hair, or even going through the extreme of body modification.

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  1. Interesting. I don't think of the world that way much because well, me in my everyday gear gets me lots of attention. I find it a little surprising every time because I don't think I look particularly dolled up.

    It makes me think some guys prefer the girl next door look and some prefer the hotted up girls. Either way, I'm glad that there is more than one way to look attractive to guys.

    Your make up is seriously seriously good though. I could get distracted looking at them, and I'm a girl. lol Also, I didn't know you had streaked your hair. V. pretty. :)