Monday, October 8, 2012

Hug Your Local Stripper Today!

Why do we vilify strippers? Look at the graphic, then think about it a minute.

The smaller font says "I'm sorry daddy never hugged you now take your top off"

Okay, done thinking? What's the public opinion on strippers? That they're sexually abused drug addicts that double as prostitutes willingly? Does that about cover it? That they're nasty, stupid, and inarticulate? Now, there may be some like that, but man, do we like to paint everyone with one brush. I love strippers.

I'm not talking out my  ass with this. I've been to a strip club. Probably the grimiest, nastiest one in my state. So low-budget they didn't even have poles. Oh yeah, and panties came off at 10pm sharp. But not for one minute did I think these women were dumb sluts until I talked to them. Yes, I talk to strippers. There was White Boots (I don't recall her name--I'm terrible with names-- and it was loud) who had been stripping for a long time, in different states. She enjoyed  her job. That's right. Some strippers do it simply because they enjoy their jobs and don't want the monotony of a 9-5. White Boots was clearly pushing her late 30's, if not early 40's (or maybe too much tanning) but she still was fit, muscular, and had great (fake) tits.

Then there was the girl that looked younger than me who was a true carpenter's dream that had her children's names tattooed on her pelvic bone and wore 6 pairs of knee socks to make it look like she had calves. She... wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, but I tipped her well for a dance because she was working to support those kids (there was a fourth name to be added, she told me) and be with them during the day and she was so pathetically skeletal I kind of felt bad.

Stripping is a job. It offers safe fantasy without cheating, and an income for what is, quite frankly, a physically demanding occupation. To quote Marg Helgenberger's character Catherine Willows from CSI: "You try shaking your ass in 4 inch heels." So if you disrespect these women that are working hard, on their feet, to feed their family, to get themselves through school, to support themselves so they're not on the system, why do you go to them? It's disingenuousness and hypocrisy  at it's best.

So yes, realize when you go to a strip club, you're helping the economy. You're helping someone get a job, supporting a local business (they have a bar, the bar buys from a distributor, etc, etc) but treat them like people, because they are. Wonderful people who have stories to tell, if you ask.

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  1. Already put in my time with stripper luvvin'. I sometimes refer to her as BabymommA #1.