Saturday, February 23, 2013

Girl Gamers: Stop Making A Big Deal of Yourselves

In the recent months, there's been a lot of flap about girl geeks and if they really exist, with the geek girls loudly proclaiming "we exist!" for all to hear while uptight patriarchal types point fingers and slut shame and everyone on both sides just acts a damn fool. It reminds me of all the aggressive girl gamer bullshit I see all the time, like the below screenshot that was posted to Tumblr:

I absolutely abhor the attitude that girls like the original poster in this screencap have. "Yes, I'm a girl, I game, I'm a special snowflake, bow down to me, bla, bla, bla HOW DARE YOU ACKNOWLEDGE I'M FEMALE YOU SEXIST PIG!" Hate to break it to you ladies, but you're not rare animals any more. No one cares and the ones that do care that you're a girl and a gamer are the creepy mouth breathers you wouldn't come within ten feet of you anyway.

You know what I do when I game? I sit back, relax, shut my mouth (unless I'm talking shit to my TV, because I never play multiplayer on XBox) and enjoy my fucking game. There's no point in making a big deal about being a girl gamer. There just isn't. It's like you're asking to be hit on, and that to me indicates some serious self-esteem issues. If you truly love gaming, just game! It's not a hard concept, and not one we need to bring gender roles, sexism, and  ridiculous gender barriers into having fun and killing stuff, going on quests, and getting EPIC LOOT. Seriously, Ladies. Can we chill the fuck out with proving that we have vaginas and play video games?


  1. I can appreciate girl gamers, as a child of the 80's. Girls that read *books* are seriously all kinds of sexy.

  2. Oh yeah, i hate women like that, always playing the victim and acting as if they were queen and whine when men treat them bad and they are even more sexist than them, thats one of the reasons i dont give my respect and admiration for free to any street slut, but only people i see that really deserves that and even more (like chivalry and sweetness and stuff).

    About girl gamers, id love to meet a nice gamer girl, and sweet to play with (im not the typical sexist loser that cant think of anything but sex and "hot" sluts).